Case Studies 09 May 2017

About Linklaters

Linklaters is a leading global law firm headquartered in the UK, and has a presence in 20 countries across 29 offices. The firm has 2,164 partners and qualified lawyers that work across the world, 60% of which work in countries and cities outside of the firms' London headquarters.

Business needs

Linklaters sought a dedicated Travel Management Company to provide cost savings, strategic travel management, consolidation and uniformed service in Asia-Pacific. Linklaters were also looking for a more efficient online booking process to benefit all users.


FCM identified that increased travel policy compliance and tighter control of the booking process as methods of reducing overall travel cost. A travel approval process built into the FCM Online Booking Tool (OBT) was recommended which would allow for booking and travel policy approval. Only in urgent cases would travellers be allowed to book offline.

In the very beginning of the implementation, OBT adoption was low due to the volume of last minute bookings being made. Due to this, higher booking classes resulted in higher fare prices. Furthermore, travellers were leaving very little time for the approval process, forcing travellers to make offline bookings through FCM Travel Managers.

FCM therefore suggested that travellers make bookings as early as possible to get the lowest applicable fare. Meanwhile, FCM implemented 24-hour online access, which encouraged travellers to make advance bookings and submit approval applications within 24 hours. FCM also worked with Linklaters to adjust their travel policy accordingly to make sure travellers get air ticket issued offline but book online in the case that approvals can't be granted in time.

FCM enhanced OBT training offered to Linklaters and communicatred regularly to keep track of OBT adoption. Through all of this, FCM consistently aimed to help Linklaters increase compliance with their travel policy to reduce travel cost.


Barely a year after the roll-out, OBT adoption rate increased to 73% and average air ticket price dropped by 11.6%. With Linklaters Shanghai's implementation successful, Linklaters' Beijing will follow suit. Impressed with the strong support provided by FCM China, Linklaters feels there is a genuine desire to stretch it's cooperation next in Asia Pacific.