Hotel Review: Impeccable detail in inner Melbourne

Stamford Plaza Melbourne
Travel News 16 Dec 2016
Stamford Plaza Melbourne
Stamford Plaza Melbourne
Stamford Plaza Melbourne
Stamford Plaza Melbourne
Stamford Plaza Melbourne
Stamford Plaza Melbourne

Rhys Young, Travel Manager at FCM Travel Solutions recently had the opportunity to experience the brand new Superior Queen Room at the Stamford Plaza Melbourne, at the Paris end of Little Collins Street. Read his thoughts about his stay below.

What were your first impressions?

Upon arrival at the Stamford Plaza Melbourne I was greeted graciously by the staff at the front desk, they were aware of my reservation and proceeded to make sure I was well looked after. I noticed the attentiveness and consideration of each of the staff as they checked in four other individual guests at the same time.  This was impressive, not only for the fact that it meant that wait times were minimal but also because it shows the quality of the product from the moment you enter the grand lobby – five stars within the first five seconds.

After an abundance of questions from myself to the staff about the building, its heritage and the facilities of the hotel I was provided with my key and clear direction of how to get to the room. Into the glass elevator and up to my floor, across to my door.

First impressions were lasting and for good reason.

What was your room like?

I entered the room to be welcomed by an open, naturally lit space with clean, crisp furnishings and high end finishes. My immediate focus went to the design of the room, the dual windows bring in so much natural light and with the initial entry inside the door being so spacious.

The room wraps around with the bed being the centrepiece against the wall between the living area and the front entrance. The area between the bed and the entry also features two sliding glass wardrobe doors which thankfully feature full length mirrors.

The living area itself features a 48 inch plasma TV that’s mounted on the wall, a work desk , tea and coffee making facilities, bar fridge and ample seating. Something I must mention is the power points in the room, they have two USB ports in each of them. This is such a simple thing that a hotel can do that will set them apart from their competitors. The amount of times I have been caught out around the world without the correct adaptor plug for whatever country I was in is absurd. All I would have needed that night is my standard charging cable which is used globally and I would have woken up to a fully charged phone/tablet.

The bed was exquisite. I (generally) find that I’m one of those people that if I’m not sleeping on my own mattress, I’m simply not sleeping – I went back on this phrase that night as I slept like a baby. 

What was the bathroom like?

The ensuite is something we need to talk about... it’s actually quite cruel to have a walk in shower that big... how will I ever go back to my shower head over my bathtub again?  The glass screen door was spotless and also seals when closed so no flooding of the bathroom, the grout work was perfect, tiles weren’t marked and there was not a single sign of someone being there before me. The bathroom gets a massive tick of approval from me.

What's your overall rating out of 5?

5 out of 5 - this experience was second to none; from the moment I checked in to the moment I was running late for work due to oversleeping and then really running late when I lost all self control at the buffet breakfast.

The Stamford Plaza Melbourne made me feel like a true guest in their hotel and I thank them for their generous hospitality.

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