The future of travel - no more lost luggage woes?

Most of us know that feeling of being the last one at the baggage carousel, with the same couple of pieces of lonely luggage going around and around. The problem is that neither of them are yours, because your luggage is one of the estimated 40 million pieces of luggage expected to be lost by airlines in 2014. A figure that is predicted to climb to more than 70 million by 2019.Trackable luggage

This common scenario happened one too many times to a frustrated - but inventive - couple, who decided to tackle the issue head on. After losing their luggage on holiday a couple of years ago (it was never found), they pondered the feasibility of creating a piece of trackable luggage. 
The small business owners, Michael and Kristina Konas, already ran a leather company producing artesian style bags, luggage and shoes in Latvia. So inspired by the plight of many a frustrated traveller, they set out to design and create luggage that uses GPS technology to pinpoint its location.
The idea is that after you purchase the specially-designed luggage you register it on a website, download the free app and then you can track your luggage from your smart phone or device. Another innovation the company is hoping to include is the ability for the lithium battery, that powers the GPS unit, to also be used to charge your mobile device.
This innovative couple have poured a large amount of their own money into the R&D and are now hoping to complete the final stages of the product’s development with the help of crowdfunding. So if you don’t fancy attending that important business meeting in clothes you have been wearing for 36 hours, this could be the luggage breakthrough you have been waiting for.
Perhaps the airlines should think about investing in this clever little business, with the issue of lost luggage costing the airline industry over $2.6 billion to track down the disgruntled owners.
The company is hoping to have its first products on sale in December 2014. 


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