Why it pays to use a Travel Management Company (TMC)

Recently, the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) surveyed more than 500 business travellers in the United States to identify the most common setbacks, disruptions and concerns travellers encountered while on the road. 

Using a Travel Manager

The GBTA study, entitled Business Traveller Mishaps: The Real Risk of Business Travel, found that over the course of a year nearly three quarters of all travellers had encountered a mishap of some sort while travelling for business. 

Around half of those surveyed (48%) had fallen victim to delayed flight or train departures, while 54% had suffered travel delays due to bad weather. Airplane incidents, such as mechanical issues, had caused difficulties for 40% of those surveyed and 16% of travellers said they had missed a connecting flight at some point during the year. While travel delays are undoubtedly frustrating, working with a TMC means that you have a professional on hand, who can look for the best alternatives, should the need arise. 

Safety was another common concern for frequent business travellers. Half of the survey respondents were concerned about the location of their hotel, 36% about airline safety records and 34% knowing who to call if issues arise. TMCs have expert knowledge of the destinations their clients are travelling to and can ensure that your hotel is well located and you always travel on reputable airlines with good safety records. Plus, having a TMC on board, means you always have some to call.

Surprisingly, 46% of the business travellers surveyed said their company did not provide travel insurance or assistance services, nor had they purchased them themselves. Insurance policies compensate travellers for trip delays and other unexpected expenses, which helps to alleviate the financial burden of such events. Your TMC can help your company choose a policy that suits its travellers’ needs.



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