Fuji Xerox Australia

Our background with Fuji Xerox Australia

Fuji Xerox Australia is the industry's leading provider of integrated document services. The company offers a range of technology solutions and business services for the effective management of information, from creation through to production, distribution and capture.

FCm has been managing Fuji Xerox Australia's travel for more than a decade. The longevity of the partnership has been nurtured through open contact and communication between both companies. The partnership is a reflection of FCm's and Fuji Xerox Australia's proactive approach to strategic partnership management and is a key driver in the success of Fuji Xerox Australia's travel program.

FCm helped Fuji Xerox Australia maximise savings on its domestic air travel reducing the company's expenditure by more than $60,000.

Here's how we made it possible...

Fuji Xerox Australia's priorities

Fuji Xerox Australia wanted to refine its travel policy, strengthen its spending guidelines and positively drive change management internally. As a result, the company sought FCm's advice on how to improve compliance with their preferred hotel program and increase the use of preferred airline booking methods. During the October to December 2009 quarter, the company also was focused on maximising the value of its expenditure on travel and related services, as well as boosting the company's overall return on investment. During this time FCm implemented strategies that allowed the company to better evaluate employee travel requirements and achieve the goals set within their travel management plan.

Fuji Xerox Australia has also sought FCm's ongoing assistance to further contain its costs through improved internal usage of FCm's online booking tool within the organisation.

The solutions

In 2009 FCm completed a strategic partnership review with Fuji Xerox Australia which outlined the objectives and strategies needed to improve cost and travel efficiencies across air, hotel and hire car categories. FCm account manager Emma Duff said this assessment proved highly effective to identify goals and drive change through objective evaluation and measurement. Recommendations and solutions were delivered within each category and in line with Fuji Xerox Australia's overall objectives.

FCm has also been working closely with Fuji Xerox Australia to further enhance the company's usage of FCm's online booking tool. Emma Duff has developed and delivered an online training program aimed at achieving Fuji Xerox Australia's objectives in regard to online and Best Fare of Day usage. FCm used dashboard reporting and data analysis to monitor and assess what the bottom line impact has been from an increased usage of Best Fare of Day bookings in conjunction with the company's policy for using a preferred domestic airline. FCm also facilitated training on fare class rules and conditions to help Fuji Xerox Australia reduce fees incurred through changed airfares.

Achieving the best possible results

Over the years FCm's tailored solutions have produced tangible travel cost savings and improved Fuji Xerox Australia's overall travel performance. A snapshot of the savings achieved in the third quarter of the 2009/2010 financial year alone according to FCm's internal benchmarking system, indicates savings of more than $60,000.

This includes:

  • Savings of $4,824 through improved online usage
  • Savings of $59,524 through a reduction in domestic average sector costs.

FCm has also secured an additional $10,000 in savings for Fuji Xerox Australia, by negotiating a preferred airline deal.

In addition the company improved its purchase behaviour year on year, which remains consistent with periods in the current fiscal year showing that almost 95% of all tickets are being purchased using low-yield fares.

Relationship development strategies including social events, training and feedback forums and regular interaction between FCm and Fuji Xerox Australia has helped to strengthen and add value to the partnership which continues to achieve mutually beneficial results.

What now?

More travel ideas for greater savings.

strengthened hotel program - FCm will continue to analyse, monitor and measure Fuji Xerox Australia's hotel program to ensure compliance to contracted preferred suppliers. With a view to harnessing all out-of-policy expenditure, volume deals will be negotiated on the back of increased compliance to preferred suppliers - mandated via both online and offline channels.

preferred supplier negotiations - FCm's strategic sourcing program includes full RFP Services - RFP Management; RFP Evaluation and Benchmarking; Negotiation; and Preferred Supplier Change Management Programs. This year, FCm will deploy all aspects of our strategic sourcing program to ensure Fuji Xerox Australia has a detailed understanding of all air, hotel and car sourcing options available to them. Our goal is to provide purchasing solutions that deliver long term savings across the breadth of Fuji Xerox Australia's preferred supplier partners.

Fuji Xerox Australia's response

"Fuji Xerox Australia recognises the dedication and investment in staff and systems that FCm has brought to the relationship. Combined with an efficient and integrated account management structure, I am confident that we have engaged a highly competent and proven supplier to manage our demanding travel and accommodation needs."

Clive Bickerstaff
National Procurement Manager Fuji Xerox Australia