Argo Studies

Case Studies 04 Apr 2016


Argo Studies provides youth from Africa and South East Asia with apprenticeships in agriculture, combining advanced studies and hands on ‘learning by doing’ in various fields. They collaborate with selected farms to ensure each student is nurtured in the most enabling and stimulating learning environment – allowing them to benefit from real exposure to advanced agricultural working methods.

FCM manages the travel of students from their home country to their one year apprenticeships in Israel. As a not for profit organisation keeping travel costs low is of utmost important to the client.


  • ƒƒKeeping travel costs low for agricultural students who often come from low income families. ƒƒ
  • Safety and security of travelling students – many students travelling for the first time, unfamiliar with international travel. ƒƒ
  • Additional travel costs such as excess baggage. ƒƒ
  • Cash flow management and record keeping of travel purchased.


As a not for profit organisation Argo Studies needed a flexible and solutions-focussed business travel partner that could help them maximise their travel budgets and ensure the safety of their students. To this end, a number of tactics were implemented by FCM Uganda including: ƒƒ

  • FCM facilitated negotiations for discounted group fares from two airlines ƒƒ
  • As part of the negotiations, FCM were able to secure a higher baggage allowance for the students to be able to carry some of their foodstuffs and personal items to be used in the first days at their new campuses to assist them in settling in.
  • ƒƒTo ensure safety and security, airport assistance from the point of departure to the final destination was provided for the students since they were all first time travellers. ƒƒ
  • To assist with cash flow management and reconciliation of travel costs, a credit facility with 90 day terms was implemented to facilitates payments in instalments.

Results ƒƒ

With the negotiated group fare, the client made a saving of USD 30K in the first year and a further USD 32K in the second year. ƒƒ

FCM were able to minimise risks for the first time traveller students by preparing them on what to expect at the point of departure, on board the aircraft, in transit and on arrival. ƒƒ

Time saving for Argo Studies’ coordinator by removing the travel burden from the role.

The Argo Studies response

“FCM Uganda have worked very closely to ensure the safety and security of our students as well as delivering savings on the air travel cost for two years running.”

Mr. Issa Agaba Mugabo
Program Coordinator, Makerere University