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Case Studies 12 Jul 2016


BlueScope is a global leader in premium coated and painted steel products. A primary focus for BlueScope is Health and Safety for their employees which applies across all of their locations globally. A key area within this is ensuring duty of care is clearly applied with traveller tracking undertaken through established and leading suppliers in case of an emergency. Another key objective for BlueScope is the focus on cost savings and ensuring all activities tie into their 'Strive to Thrive' improvement program.


FCM play a critical role in driving these objectives for BlueScope, including:

  • ensuring booking compliance;
  • communicating travel alerts;
  • identifying alternative travel options, and;
  • providing innovative ways to leverage from their buyer spend.

In addition to the above, FCM give BlueScope  the ability to consolidate the data of all their travel expenditure through FCM ClientBank Connect Reporting and the provision of a designated Global Account Manager who oversees the program and contract performance across all markets globally.

BlueScope and FCM undertake formal quarterly reviews with their key account manager, to review and discuss business plan opportunities and trends from the previous quarter. With the aim of looking at opportunities to add value rather than focus on just issues, the format is open and intuitive and allows for probing of information to discover new opportunities to drive efficiency across the multi-national arrangement.

Since the introduction of ClientBank Connect, the account management reporting has expanded to include key operational dashboards that can be tailored down to BlueScope's specific needs, it is this ongoing improvement with technology that allows FCM to fully support the needs of their organisation.

FCM undertook an Air Tender in partnership with BlueScope steel, which saw Qantas appointed as the preferred provider. 


The relationship between BlueScope and FCM is highly collaborative, with the FCM Travel Manager and National Account Manager working closely together to ensure problems are resolved efficiently and with a high degree of customer support and professionalism. Not only are quarterly and annual reviews held but ad-hoc meetings are easily arranged to talk through objectives and challenges that may have arisen.

This successful approach has seen a number of tangible results delivered to BlueScope since they commenced trading with FCM, including:

  • Quality greater than 97% SLA on all bookings 
  • Online adoption of 75%
  • VIP Team available 24/7
  • Excellent value fee model
  • Dedicated service teams in each country location
  • Global reporting using Connect
  • Global Account Manager driving business plan across all markets

The above approach has seen savings Achieved through program with FCM equal 7 percent of total travel spend year on year. This has been achieved through:

  • negotiating effective supplier contracts;
  • FCM's operational focus on "Above and beyond" service savings, and;
  • SmartSTAY rates across Australia and New Zealand.

Client Testimonial

"We have been impressed with the professionalism and customer service that FCM have provided on the account, working closely to understand key drivers and needs of the business and adapting their approach to benefit the travellers both financially and safely."