British Council of Romania

Case Studies 29 Sep 2015

Our background with British Council Romania

The British Council Romania is the United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. The organisation is represented in over 100 countries and is focused on sharing the culture, language, arts and social standards of the United Kingdom with the international community. The British Council of Romania’s main office is in Bucharest and it also has an office in Iasi.FCm Romania* has been managing the British Council Romania’s travel program since June 2012. Effective communication between the two organisations and
a proactive approach to growing the relationship has been a key driver of the partnership’s success.

By working with the FCm Travel Solutions’ team in Romania, the British Council Romania (BCR) streamlined its travel processes and generated new savings on hotel accommodation and airfares.

Here’s how we made it possible…

The challenges

Before partnering with FCm, BCR maintained a fragmented travel program whereby employees looked after their own bookings. There was little structure in place for the booking process and often bookings were made adhoc direct with travel suppliers or via online travel websites. The lack of formal policy around bookings meant the organisation did not have 100% visibility of its spend on business travel and haddifficulty sourcing the competitive deals from suppliers.

BCR also faced issues sourcing conference venues in Bucharest that offered appropriate facilities and prices that were within their budget.

The organisation sought a travel management provider that could deliver tangible airfare and accommodation savings and provide assistance with conference and event management.

The solutions


FCm advised BCR to appoint a dedicated in-house travel booker to oversee all of their staff travel requests. This person would be the organisation’s key internal travel liaison and liaison for FCm. Their role would ensure that all requests were approved and processed centrally for greater visibility and management.


FCm appointed a dedicated travel team including a key account manager to oversee BCR’s travel needs. FCm also created a special email address so all BCR travellers and their travel booker could liaise with their FCm team via a single channel.


FCm Romania provides comprehensive consultation to BCR to ensure they’re aware of every airfare option that’s available to them. If at the time of booking, there is a cheaper airfare available, FCm will always communicate this to BCR travellers to ensure they are getting the lowest logical fare for every trip.

Conference and event management

When required FCm provides alternative solutions to BCR’s events department when they are having issues sourcing appropriate venues that suit their budget and criteria.


FCm Romania has re-structured its servicing arrangement for domestic accommodation bookings for BCR and sourced client specific rates for a number of local hotels in Bucharest and Iasi. This has helped to reduce the cost of domestic accommodation for BCR travellers.

Travel management outcomes

  • The appointment of a dedicated in-house travel booker has helped to significantly streamline and centralise the booking and travel request process for BCR. This has improved visibility and tracking of the organisation’s travel expenditure and activity.
  • The creation of a dedicated travel email address for BCR has also improved the communication between FCm and the BCR. The email provides a single point of contact which ensures all travel requests are responded to quickly.
  • Specially negotiated rates for domestic accommodation have generated new savings of up to 5% on room rates for BCR, while use of lowest logical fare has helped to contain the cost of air travel.
  • BCR has leveraged special travel industry discounts as a result of being a partner of FCm. This has helped to drive bottom-line savings across air, hotel accommodation and car hire.