Co-operative Bulk Handling Limited

Case Studies 29 Sep 2015


Based in Western Australia, Co-operative Bulk Handling Limited (CBH Group) is one of Australia’s leading grain organisations with operations extending along the entire value chain. FCM has managed the travel program for CBH since 2007. The client recently identified a number of focus areas including implementing more effective travel policies and procedures, travel booking consolidation, improved compliance, more strategic hotel booking processes, online booking tool functionality, added value from suppliers, greater savings and improved traveller tracking for safety purposes.


> FCM consolidated CBH’s travel program, increased compliance, maximised the use of their preferred suppliers and boosted bottom line savings by almost 20 per cent within 12 months.

> FCM in conjunction with CBH launched a new mandated travel policy and procedures - covering air travel, car hire and hotel accommodation.

>The hotel program mandates covered booking channels, approval and authorisation processes, preferred suppliers and utilising preferred corporate rates negotiated at CBD suppliers by FCM.

> FCM built strong relationships with non-GDS, preferred regional properties to ensure CBH receives the lowest rates possible and preferential service.

> FCM and CBH developed an event calendar to ensure travel bookers are aware of peak booking periods and advance hotel booking strategies.

> FCM tailored its Online Booking Tool to include contracted hotel rates and fares, and preferred suppliers. FCM also established a 30 day payment system that involves monthly consolidated invoicing and assists travellers without a credit card.

> A local FCM after-hours team, that understand CBH’s travel program, manages out-of-hours and emergency bookings.

> FCM introduced a Travel Club Getaways program into CBH’s employees’ benefits program, providing a dedicated personal leisure travel service.


In one financial year, FCM helped CBH to save 18.84 per cent on the total cost of their travel. Part of the savings included negotiating hotel rates for CBD properties in Perth. Prior to CBH’s RFP process for their accommodation, market expectations indicated that hotel rates would increase by between 17 and 19 per cent. FCM secured rates that were eight per cent lower than these price points. Further savings are being realised from contracted hotel rates, advance purchase, restricted airfares, booking method and also more cost efficient class of travel.