Estee Lauder

Case Studies 29 Sep 2015


FCM Travel Solutions South Africa has been managing the travel program of makeup, perfume and skincare giant Estée Lauder Companies since 2012. One of the biggest challenges for Estée Lauder has been managing effective external and internal communication. As a result, the company was looking for a travel provider that was open to building and maintaining close, multi-level relationships as part of their travel arrangement. Additionally, as Estée Lauder’s travel volumes have increased, the company has required a travel management company that could provide a broad range of more sophisticated products and high quality, personalised service to meet their changing needs.


  • To quickly and effectively deliver best practice travel management, booking efficiencies, streamlined approval processes and immediate cost savings, FCM provided the client with dedicated implant staff.
  • Two FCM travel managers were appointed to work in-house at Estée Lauder’s head office in Kyalami, Gauteng, to gain an in-depth knowledge of the company’s requirements and culture.
  • The in-house travel managers can ensure that travel program changes are implemented quickly and by the right person.
  • These travel managers work exclusively for Estée Lauder, managing all of their airfare, hotel accommodation and ground transport bookings.
  • FCM’s head office in Johannesburg supports the account by providing full account management services, reporting and strategic program management.
  • FCM’s customised approach to servicing and providing travel management solutions, enabled the deployment of a travel program that delivers value, savings and return on investment for the client.


By having an FCM travel manager onsite Estée Lauder can better communicate their travel needs with personal, on-site service. FCM’s in-house travel managers also provides Estée Lauder staff with the opportunity to have regular face-to-face consultations and seek advice on how to drive travel program change internally through effective communication. The internal team also utilise direct and timely traveller feedback on product to ensure FCM is offering the most suitable air, hotel and car hire product for the client’s needs.