Gold Fields Ghana

Case Studies 29 Sep 2015

Our background with Gold Fields Ghana

Gold Fields Ghana Ltd (GFG) is the largest gold producer in the country. It is owned by Gold Fields Ltd (GFL), a multinational precious metal producer, headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. GFL is also the world’s fourth, and Africa’s second, largest producer of gold with mines operating across Ghana, Australia, Peru and South Africa.

Here's how we made it possible...

The situation

For over 12 years FCm Ghana has managed GFG’s international air travel, security services, transfer services and more. With more than 100 regular travellers, FCm provides GFG with a successful business travel solution focused on using the best booking option to minimise costs and maximise the company’s travel budget.


  • The ongoing success of this long-term business relationship can be attributed to effective and strategic program management.
  • A dedicated FCm account manager was appointed to the GFG business. Having worked with the client for a number of years the experienced manager understands their unique needs, travel patterns and travel policy.
  • A 24 hour after-hours service was established especially for the client, complete with a dedicated emergency phone line.
  • FCm used its strong relationships with local airlines to secure Passenger Sales Agreements, which deliver the most cost effective fares.
  • Special corporate rates were negotiated with preferred airlines.
  • FCm raised awareness of pre-trip planning and advanced purchase options, to take advantage of cheaper fares and to avoid costly airline charges.


Over more than a decade FCm has fine-tuned GFG’s travel program to deliver personalised service, good two-way communication and best practice booking processes and efficiencies. FCm has also continued to refine cost savings for the client by using its leverage with airlines to secure prompt service, accurate bookings and excellent fare options.

The Gold Fields response

"FCm’s customer care is first class and we receive excellent service from our dedicated Travel Consultants – even out of office hours."
Albert Amissah
Human Resources Officer