Lycée Pierre Mendes France

Case Studies 29 Sep 2015

About Lycée Pierre Mendes France

Lycée Pierre Mendes France, an educational institution belonging to the French Embassy, has been a client with FCm Tunisia for seven years. The institution was founded in 1956 as an annex of Lycée Carnot of Tunis. The institution is one of 488 French schools managed by the Agency for French Teaching Abroad. The objective of Lycée Pierre Mendes was to partner with a travel management company that could refine its travel program to deliver maximum value for its strict budget.

Here’s how we made it possible...

FCm Travel Solutions delivered a customised solution to meet the diverse and complex travel needs of the high profile educational institution, Lycée Pierre Mendes.


FCm has partnered with Lycée Pierre Mendes France to manage all aspects of their travel program. The client’s travellers mainly consist of over 400 teachers and high school students who fly to a number of different countries and regular destinations for educational trips at set times throughout the year. The FCm team in Tunisia provides the Lycée Pierre Mendes France with an allencompassing travel management service which includes planning and coordinating all air travel, hotel accommodation, transfers, excursions, sightseeing and providing general travel assistance to enhance the school’s travel program.


The nature of this type of travel, which involves large groups, means that there are often last minute changes to bookings. This meant that the client was regularly paying additional penalty fees to make these changes. To ensure smooth travel and to meet their duty of care obligations, the client also needed a company with resources in the region and who could provide hands-on tour leaders to escort their travellers to the various destinations.

Our solutions

With experience in managing the complex needs of group travel, the FCm team set out to review the client’s travel behaviours and objectives before providing a tailored and flexible travel management solution.

Identifying savings

The FCm team worked closely with the client to identify their goals and to gain a thorough understanding of their travel patterns. FCm could then focus on minimising and containing costs, while continuing to provide quality travel options to both students and teachers. The aim was to ensure the client was maximising its travel budget and receiving value for money, while partnering with the most appropriate suppliers for their needs.

Local supplier negotiation

By drawing on their in-depth group travel experience, FCm Tunisia has been able to provide hands-on management, combined with the wider resources of the FCm network. The team identified areas where savings could be made, provided the client with better travel ideas and built strong relationships with the best suppliers for their travel destinations. FCm also took a proactive approach to initiating advanced discussions with suppliers, to help to deliver cost savings and secure the client the best possible prices.

Personalised packages

With comprehensive knowledge of the needs, issues and culture of Lycée Pierre Mendes, the FCm team took a holistic approach to providing tailor-made travel excursions. By understanding the client’s travel volumes and seasonal trip destinations, FCm was able to provide the most cost-effective air travel ticketing, hotel accommodation and transfers. Every travel group is also escorted by an experienced FCm Tour Leader, from the city of origin to the destination and back again. In addition, assistance is provided to groups by local FCm travel agencies including Malta, Qatar, Oman and Greece.


By reviewing the client’s travel trends and behaviours, FCm identified areas where tangible savings could be achieved. The results -
  • Savings of up to 12% on the overall travels costs, despite the relatively small budget
  • FCm negotiated additional value by having suppliers waiver some fees
  • FCm monitors opportunities to benefit from additional supplier agreements
  • Regular client review meetings to ensure the travel budget is being maximised
  • FCm’s 24/7 services help to manage booking changes made outside of regular business hours and also provide emergency travel support.

Lycée Pierre Mendes’s response

“FCm’s well-qualified travel managers are excellent listeners and through them good group travel options are always available. We have always had a very good business relationship. They are reliable and trustworthy and we look forward to continuing to work together.”

Mrs Basma Chahed

Teacher and Group Co-ordinator