Nakilat, Qatar

Case Studies 29 Sep 2015


Nakilat Qatar Gas Transport Company Ltd is a shipping company, established by the State of Qatar, which owns, operates and manages LNG vessels and provides shipping and marine related services to the hydrocarbon sector. Prior to its partnership with FCM, Nakilat maintained a fragmented travel program across four separate business entities, with each using multiple travel providers to manage their substantial travel requirements.


  • FCM introduced a consolidated program and centralised, company-wide policy to guide travel authorisation, booking, expense management and reporting.
  • FCM undertook extensive research into the company’s travel requirements and gained an insight into how to leverage their travel volume for more competitive supplier deals.
  • FCM established an implant team in Nakilat to ensure personal and high levels of service.
  • The implant team was utilised to establish travel process standards and to communicate the benefits of change management and taking a consolidated approach to the company’s travel.
  • A second implant office was opened in Nakilat Damen Shipyards Qatar Ltd and a third was established in Nakilat – Keppel Offshore and Marine Ltd.
  • To streamline and improve processes, FCM introduced a new travel policy, travel booking and approval processes and new procedures for payment and expense management.
  • FCM introduced dedicated account management, regular client review meetings and a uniform reporting structure across the entire business.
  • FCM provided Service Level Agreement tracking on key performance indicators, such as response times, savings and policy compliance.
  • New procedures enabled FCM to track policy compliance issues arising from booking classes, use of preferred suppliers, and tracking of out-of-policy bookings through exception reporting.


To date, FCM’s centrally coordinated travel program has helped Nakilat to save up to 15% on the overall cost of their travel. Program consolidation has led to improved traveller understanding, higher levels of policy compliance and greater negotiating power for volume based deals with airline and hotel suppliers. FCM also delivered additional value to Nakilat by negotiating with suppliers for waivers on fees usually incurred on booking changes and cancellations. This alone achieved significant savings across the business.