Case Studies 18 Sep 2015
About Repucom
Repucom works in the sports and entertainment sectors providing solutions that allow businesses around the world to better understand and connect with their audiences and customers through media, sponsorship, communication and experiential platforms.


Here's how we made it possible...


FCM Travel Solutions partnered with Repucom in September 2013, after being appointed to manage their global travel program including all airfare, hotel and car hire reservations. The objective was to implement a tailored travel program for the client and to consolidate the program with the one travel management company across 14 countries including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States.


For many countries in the Repucom network, this was the first time they had worked with a travel management company. So while managing the entire travel program globally, FCM needed to take a personalised approach to address the unique needs of each country. This meant recommending and implementing different technology, such as Online Booking Tools (OBTs), according to their availability in individual countries. At the same time, FCM needed to efficiently consolidate global and local data for reporting and transparency into the operations of each to country. With 70% of the client’s air travel being international, another challenge was to find low cost fare options across the globe that were compatible with their varied schedules – while also meeting the client’s strict travel policy which dictates that no one in the company is to fly first class or business class.

Our Solution

While Repucom is a relatively small client in dollar terms (about $1.5 million USD in total travel volume) and scope (14 countries), their successful global consolidation demonstrated that FCM is big enough to manage a global program, but small enough to make individual country-by-country decisions.

Travel policy and technology

FCM recommended the adoption of OBTs, where available, to drive global policy compliance, to provide access to local supplier content and to find the best airfares, hotel rates and domestic car hire. FCM drew on its local country presence and knowledge to help introduce different OBTs across a range of countries, including the United States (Concur), Australia (e3), Germany (Onesto), India (Phoenix), Italy (AeTM) and United Kingdom (AeTM). At the same time, FCM consultants in other regions take an active role in finding low cost fares and travel options that deliver savings and traveller satisfaction. The FCM Portal online travel hub and the integrated FCM Mobile app are also utilised in countries where they are available to drive efficiency, compliance and to deliver services 24/7.

Data and reporting

For efficiency and reporting, the client’s consolidated global data is all managed through FCM. In addition, the Repucom Global CFO utilises the reporting tool - FCm ClientBank - to gain an oversight of the travel program and the performance of individual countries. FCM reports to the client on a monthly basis, covering actionable items such as air fare exceptions and preferred hotel usage. The data is then used to promote travel policy compliance and cost savings measures. This shared data is also used by both the client and FCM to continue to improve the overall travel program. In a number of markets, local FCM account managers have also taken a hands-on approach to working internally with several countries (specifically Germany and United Kingdom) to help resolve some reporting inefficiencies.


  • By facilitating open and honest two-way communication, FCM has built strong relationships with the client both globally and locally.
  • A brand new, tailored travel program has been consolidated and implemented in 14 FCM countries.
  • FCM identified and advised the client on the best markets for OBTs and other technology, such as the FCM Mobile App.
  • In the first year, the FCM travel program delivered savings of approximately 4%.
  • FCM included Repucom in the annual Global Traveller Survey to help improve service levels across the network.
  • Several successful training sessions were held in the first year in specific markets (including United States, Australia, and United Kingdom) to keep travellers informed and to enable then to meet the FCM teams face-to-face.
  • FCM will continue to assist the client with negotiating individual vendor agreements in different local markets.

The Repucom response

In the very first year of consolidation, Repucom reported 82% customer satisfaction.