Case Studies 06 Apr 2016


FCM Travel Solutions has provided travel management services to TechnologyOne for almost a decade. FCM retained TechnologyOne as a client after a successful tender process in 2009 and since then has continued to generate significant savings by helping the company re-launch its travel program.

TechnologyOne is a leading enterprise software solutions provider with offices in each State and Territory of Australia, as well as New Zealand, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. TechnologyOne provides comprehensive and deeply integrated enterprise software solutions that are used by business, government, health and community services, education, financial services and the utilities sectors. TechnologyOne develops, markets, sells, implements and supports its suite of software solutions.


Travel program re-launched:
As a rapidly growing company, TechnologyOne requires a robust travel program that leverages the company’s increasing room night volumes and levels of air travel to optimise savings. FCM helped TechnologyOne re-launch its travel program for 2010 using its strong negotiating muscle to secure competitive corporate deals with the company’s preferred airlines and hotels.

Regional presence:
A significant portion of TechnologyOne’s air travel in New Zealand is domestic, as such, the company’s travel program has been launched locally in that country. This has helped to reduce costs and provides a central contact point for travellers.

Technology solutions:
TechnologyOne requires technology solutions that provide enhanced visibility, reporting and data analysis across its travel program. This ensures the company has clear insight into its travel patterns and knows where and how it is spending its travel dollars. As such, TechnologyOne uses FCM’s online booking tool, which has helped to streamline the booking process and provide greater visibility of policy compliant airfares and company preferred contracted hotels and rates. The company achieved a 90% adoption rate immediately after implementation.


The annualised contract savings across TechnologyOne’s refreshed 2010 travel program are estimated to be in excess of $250,000. This is a direct result of locking in better supplier negotiated rates. When broken down these figures represent a saving of almost $150,000 per annum on the company’s air travel and around $100,000 per annum on its hotel spend, when compared to the 2008-2009 fiscal year.

The TechnologyOne response

“FCM was instrumental in ensuring we achieved the best pricing as a result of our preferred supplier arrangements.”

Caroline Pearson
Accounts Payable Supervisor - Finance