The World Bank

Case Studies 29 Sep 2015

Our background with The World Bank

The World Bank is made up of 188 member countries across the globe. The goal of the World Bank is to provide financial and technical assistance to developing countries to reduce poverty
and support development.

Here's how we made it possible...

The situation

The ongoing objective of the World Bank is to get the most from their travel budget, while streamlining invoicing and financial processes. The client undertakes regular air travel within Africa, to their headquarters in Washington D.C. and to South America. FCm also arranges twice yearly client workshops, along with everyday visa advice and applications.


  • FCm Uganda utilised the client’s travel volume and its leverage with suppliers, to arrange a tripartite agreement with an African airline boasting a wide network. This delivers a  corporate discount of 4%, plus the flexibility of one free booking change on all economy class travel.
  • The client was enrolled in corporate frequent flyer programmes to earn corporate air miles, which are then used to ‘pay’ for business travel.
  • Information on special travel offers is sent to the World Bank to assist with planning travel, based on low season fares.
  • FCm responds to client emails within one hour and provides a minimum of three travel options on any particular route.
  • To overcome lengthy internal payment approval processes, FCm covers individual traveller per diem costs and then bills them back to the client.
  • To meet the client’s reporting obligations, FCm prepares twice monthly client statements, with all invoices detailing fees charged to the client.


By taking a proactive approach, FCm has continuously refined the World Bank’s travel program. Savings and improved flexibility have been achieved through negotiated airline discounts and more informed booking decisions. FCm ensures the corporate frequent flyer program number is entered with every booking, enabling points to be redeemed for tickets. By offering to manage traveller per diems, the client sees FCm as their preferred travel agent.

The World Bank response

"FCm has been supplying excellent services to the World Bank for over one and a half decades."
Jacqueline Okiria
Head – Finance & Administration