FCm TRM expert appointed to GBTA risk committee and GBTA foundation risk taskforce

Media Releases 15 Jan 2015

Global Director of Travel Risk Management for FCm Travel Solutions, Charles Brossman has been appointed to a top industry advisory committee and a special task force. The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) welcomed Charles to the GBTA Risk Committee in August of this year and the GBTA Foundation Risk Task Force in September.

Charles is the creator behind FCm's unique global travel risk management program, which provides companies of all sizes with comprehensive solutions to support their unique duty of care needs. The GBTA appointments come with a 12 month and three-year commitment respectively. The industry bodies involve collaboration from GBTA direct and allied members - each of which bring to the table extensive experience in duty of care and travel risk management.

In accepting the roles Charles said, “Risk is one of the driving issues of our industry. It is included in almost every RFP, and it is increasingly at the top of our client’s priority list. As travel management companies we can no longer provide just travel fulfillment alone. Laws around corporate responsibility, legal liability and duty of care have made risk a global priority – and as a result, travel risk management has become central to our business model.”

For this reason, Charles is keen to work with GBTA to develop best practice models and risk management programs that will support the safety of travelers and benefit the entire industry.

The goal of the GBTA Risk Committee is to educate and inform GBTA and its members about the importance of integrating risk management into their global travel and meetings programs. The GBTA Risk Committee holds monthly conference calls and meets face to face twice a year.

The GBTA Foundation Risk Task Force focuses on leveraging the collective industry and travel risk management expertise of members to evolve the TRM3 (travel risk management maturity model) assessment process, and advance its use as the industry standard for measuring and benchmarking corporate travel risk management programs.

After 25 years in travel, with 10 years specializing in risk management, Charles is looking forward to having the opportunity to give something back to the industry.

At the same time he will be working to strengthen the risk management programs he is responsible for developing at FCm.

“Because risk management touches almost every aspect of what we do as a travel management company, it is essential that we help our clients with best-in-class solutions that support their programs and cultures.”


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