Amazing things you can order to your hotel room

Travel News 12 Oct 2015

IT’S now easier than ever to order little luxuries with a few taps of your smartphone or a quick phone call. From meals prepared by a celeb chef to DJ equipment or an opera serenade, the options for what can be delivered to your hotel room are seemingly endless.

For decades, hotels have been delivering food, toiletries, towels and drinks to guests in the comfort of their rooms, but an increasing number of hotels are offering more creative deliveries, from whimsical items like warm milk and cookies at bedtime to seemingly vital amenities like oxygen. Many of these items are free.

Can’t find what you want within the confines of your hotel or are too lazy to leave the property? No problem. A number of apps and companies will deliver an encyclopaedic collection of items, from massages to dry cleaning. has pulled together some of their favourite items that can be delivered to your hotel room.


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