FCM to help build homes in Cambodia

Travel News 22 Jun 2016

In October, FCM Travel Solutions Australia will send a team to Cambodia as part of a Habitat for Humanity community build project. 

Singapore Airlines have partnered with FCM as Platinum Sponsor for the activity which will see approximately 70 team members from Australia fly to Cambodia for a week where they will work hand in hand with the local community to build homes for families in need. 

General Manager of FCM Australia James Kavanagh, said that employees around the country were passionate about making a difference in their local and global communitites and this was just one way of doing their part to ensure a safe place to live for all. 

"In 2016 in Australia it is sometimes easy to forget that many of our closest neighbours in Asia and the Pacfic live without many of the basic comforts that we can sometimes take for granted," he said. 

"The team of volunteers are very excited at the opportunity to give back to this community which has seen a sharp rise in HIV infection rates including approximately 7,000 children living with HIV." 

"This endeavour would not be possible without our sponsors and those who have donated. A big thank you must go to Singapore Airlines who have generously signed on as the Platinum Sponsor for the Cambodia community build," said James. 

FCM are currently fundraising for the event, with no donation too small - you can head to the fundraising page if you would like to help make a difference by clicking here

Sponsorship opportunities are available to organisations or individuals wishing to make a significant contribution, please contact adrian.letilovic@fcmtravel.com.au for more information.