Managing everyday travel risk matters

Travel News 23 Nov 2015

Travelling the globe today, more than ever before we face heightened risks to our safety and wellbeing. Newsworthy events of the type that often receive global coverage carry the real potential to impact us as we work abroad.

With greater risks borne of greater business travel, companies have made travel risk management a key part of their corporate policies — an undoubted assurance to any worker on the move.

But while they may have strategies in place to deal with big events, like air disasters or terrorist attacks, how well set up are they to deal with the smaller, everyday things that can catch the business traveller out?

The reality is that a stolen bag or used-up medication is more likely to occur than a major civilian event when you are on a business trip, yet still cause you considerable stress and delay.

Surviving without a wallet for a few days may be possible at home, but can seriously impede your ability to work effectively when you're abroad.

Most companies are attentive to the needs of their employees when they travel for work, but if yours is large and you are one of a number of people who travel often, the chance of little things slipping through the cracks is inevitably greater. And little things can quickly become major things.


Written by Jon Richardson. This article is a fragment originally published on and can be read in full here