Pre-paid cards and employee travel

Travel News 19 Nov 2015

Employers are increasingly empowering staff to take their travel needs into their own hands.

This positive step change within the business travel arena is evidenced in recent research, which revealed that nearly two-thirds of travel managers are loosening the reins and allowing their employees to make their own bookings.

Historically, organisations entered into limiting contracted travel management agreements that allowed them to control and monitor travel spend.

However, as the lines between leisure and business travel blur, and as travel behaviour is shaped by mobile technology, there is a real demand for autonomy and greater flexibility.

A study by Expedia showed that 78 per cent of employees use their smartphone for travel planning such as taxis, booking passes etc. Yet previous restrictions at corporate level would have prevented them from using this technology in a professional capacity.


Written by John Sharman. This article is a fragment originally published on and can be read in full here