Report: More than half of all online bookings from mobile in 2016

Travel News 23 Nov 2015

Online travel is about to reach a tipping point: 2016 will be the year when, for the first time, more than half of all online bookings for U.S. travellers will be completed on a mobile device.

That’s according to eMarketer, which projects that next year’s U.S. mobile bookings will jump 18% over 2015, going from 43.8% of all online bookings this year to accounting for 51.8% of those bookings in 2016. By the end of the decade mobile will enjoy a very comfortable gain on desktop and officially claim a majority of all online bookings.

Leading up to this milestone, some 78.6% (38.1 million) of the 48.5 million U.S. travellers who will book flights and accommodations on mobile by the end of this year will use a smartphone to do so, eMarketer says. But fewer (31.3 million) have used a tablet to book flights and hotels in 2015—or 64.4% of all mobile travel bookers. That’s led eMarketer to downgrade its forecast for 2016 tablet bookings, anticipating that tablet bookings will account for 61.7% of all mobile bookings next year (see chart below). These percentages consider that some travellers use both smartphones and tablets for bookings throughout the year.


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