Sharing Economy Opens New Possibilities for Business Travel

Travel News 27 Nov 2015

For many business travelers, services like Airbnb and Uber offer more personalized service and flexibility than their current corporate travel policy offers.

This leads them to book outside their policy and leave their company’s travel managers to piece together their expenses.

The country’s biggest corporate travel agencies say better data from sharing economy services will soon lead large companies to adopt, and in many cases encourage, their use.

Ride-sharing and accommodations are the sectors under the most scrutiny right now by travel managers, as employees embrace the services they use as consumers in their lives as business travelers.

Airbnb and Uber both launched dedicated business travel sections last year, with Airbnb reporting 700 percent growth from the more than 250 companies that signed up.

New data from Uber show that more than 50,000 companies enrolled in its business program, with rides taking place in 291 countries across 58 countries. Uber estimates companies saved $1,000 per employee over the last year by using Uber instead of taxis or traditional car services.

Corporate travel agencies echoed the claim that the sharing economy is taking on a new importance for business travelers.


By Andrew Sheivachman. This article is a fragment originally published on Skift and can be read in full here