Multinational account management and program consolidation

White Papers 28 Sep 2015

Multinational account management and program consolidation

When expertly managed by an experienced account management team, a multinational company will reap the benefits of a consolidated travel program across every area of their business – and every region of their travel program.

With a consolidated program managed by an experienced FCm Travel Solutions Multinational Account Manager (MAM) your organisation will benefit from:

  • clear interpretation of your travel spend and smart recommendations for change;
  • consistent policy management to drive compliance;
  • improved purchasing power through consolidated expenditure;
  • reduced complexity and improved transparency on travel expenditure.

A dedicated MAM team will also ensure your program runs efficiently, meeting the SLA (Service Level Agreement) in each market, whilst continuously evolving your travel program strategy and conducting regular reviews to help your company maximise its travel budget.

“FCm has given us transparency over regions where we previously had no visibility."

PepsiCo client, after first quarterly review consolidating APAC & MEA.

The key benefits of appointing an FCm MAM

Global knowledge

FCm MAMs have an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the industry, including current global airline and hotel trends, traveller risk management, payment solutions and the latest technology solutions. Using this knowledge your MAM will advise your organisation on booking processes, travel patterns, policy setting and company behaviour. In addition, effective change across multiple markets. Diverse cultures need to be managed by experts who understand the nuances of different countries. FCm MAMs engage the FCm 5-Step Change Management methodology to achieve effective global change and traveller acceptance in your program.

Project Managed implementations

Having an FCm MAM in place at the beginning of a travel partnership, will save your organisation significant time and money in both the short and long term. FCm will project manage your program implementation from blueprint planning and development of a bespoke client handbook, to developing a tailored change management and communication strategy. Each week you will be provided with an
implementation update, to explain the milestones achieved and the next phases to be completed. The first year after a client has consolidated their program is called the ‘discovery stage’ during which
your MAM will report on the facts of your program performance, progress of consolidation and provide recommendations on emerging trends which will impact your program cost savings.

Convenience and centralised control

Depending on the size of a client’s organisation and its global reach, a Global MAM and Regional MAM’s may also be appointed to support the global program. A dedicated program team makes it easier to analyse and interpret global data for improved insight into your travel spend. Your MAM will maintain local relationships and oversee the deployment of global program initiatives, with each local country FCm National Account Manager (NAM). NAMs are the local eyes and ears of your program, and report directly to the MAM. In addition, a centralised account management approach facilitates a seamless and rapid rollout of global decisions and strategies such as new policies, security alerts, products, suppliers and technology solutions, which allows your program to quickly change and evolve into the future.

Accurate reporting

By working closely with you, the MAM team will develop a tailored business plan with a view to deliver a maximum return on investment. This is achieved through developing clear savings targets and cost reduction strategies which are aligned to your business objectives. You will also benefit from consolidated monthly reporting, using FCm ClientBank Connect reports, with expert commentary and analysis- highlighting global and individual country performances. Connect reporting enables your MAM to present a range of reporting by business stream, geography, cost centres and other identifiers, making it easy to analyse your program across each market.

“The FCm review was really useful and had constructive recommendations and analysis of our global program..."

DLA Piper Global HQ Procurement Team

Regular reviews

Formalised and regular client reviews prepared by your FCm MAM team will focus on current trends, benchmarking, sensitivity analysis of future opportunities and action plans within each region and market. FCm will provide expert recommendations based on your company policies, processes, suppliers and traveller behaviours, compared to other global FCm clients. Your MAM team will also look for further savings and provide insight into industry developments and changes. Other review processes conducted by the MAM and the National AM teams include Service Level Agreement reviews in each market, feedback management and customer satisfaction rankings. Also, industry updates and FCm News.

“We just had our first quarterly review with our FCm Global MAM – it was the most relevant, most productive review and assessment of our travel program that we have ever had with any TMC.”

PRA, Vice President, David Sockoloff

Ongoing program management

Your FCm MAM will be able to move quickly and effectively by monitoring the travel business plan for all countries and report on progress each review period. Regular two-way communication between the MAM and NAM teams ensures timely response and effective action for day-to-day critical matters. Participation in the FCm annual global survey, post implementation surveys and ongoing local market surveys are important for gaining ongoing feedback from your travellers and travel bookers. All survey responses and feedback is consolidated in FCm’s global SalesForce platform against your travel program account. Your MAM team will set action plans based on the results and deploy program enhancements accordingly.

Consolidation delivers savings from implementation and beyond…

The savings achieved through travel program consolidation will vary from client to client, depending on the market, global company structure and the current level of program maturity. Savings of 5% to 50% can be achieved through a variety of cost management strategies focused on booking processes, improved compliance, internal business buy-in, supplier negotiations, policy rationalisation, buying behaviour and demand management. Your FCm MAM will tailor a business plan suited to your key business drivers for each year of the contract. The examples below outline the savings which are possible.

First time regional/global consolidation 

These clients can expect to achieve savings of around 20% to 50%. Through consolidation and compliance strategies FCm may help the client uncover an additional 30% to 50%+ more in travel volumes, which were previously hidden within the corporation around the world. From initial implementation, clients need to allow one to two years to optimise their total travel program consolidation. FCm will report regularly and lead program performance reviews along the way.


"Having a regional account manager has been beneficial in a number of ways. It is useful to have a single point of contact who provides consistent service throughout the region. Access to and quality of reporting has also improved as a result of the regional account management model"

Suzie Foard, Parexel


Mature program with weak compliance

These clients can expect to achieve savings of around 10% – 30% in the first year of working with FCm. FCm may uncover 10% to 20%+ more total travel volumes than previously known due to the lack of travel expenditure transparency and corporate governance within the corporation. On average it will take 12 to 18 months to optimise the program benefits, if true compliance is achieved across all markets.

Market leader and innovator (Best Within Range)

These clients can expect to achieve savings of around 3% – 15%+ in the first year of working with FCm. An FCm MAM can offer improved program management and service excellence to optimise the travel program over a six to 12 month period. Working with clients who are “globalised” in their management structure enables FCm to leverage off typically strong corporate governance and to provide innovative recommendations.
For an effective and tailored travel program it pays to partner with a truly global travel management company which can thoroughly support your international operations. Talk to FCm about how a dedicated MAM and a consolidated business travel management program which can evolve your business.