Ten steps to evaluate your travel technology

White Papers 01 Dec 2017

Business travel is growing again as a new generation of travellers and travel buyers comes to the fore. The World Travel and Tourism Council and Travelport says that $1.3 trillion will be spent on business travel globally in 2017 1 and will to rise by 3.7% per annum over the next ten years.

Against this background of change, it’s not surprising that the role of Travel Management Companies (TMCs) has gone way beyond simply offering an online booking tool (OBT). Instead TMCs are using the latest technologies to create integrated travel ecosystems through which they can help their clients achieve specific business objectives.

Any travel ecosystem should consider every stakeholder’s needs, from finance to procurement; HR to IT; from the traveller to the travel manager. The range of tools provided has to include profile management, booking, expense management, reporting and security.

Most importantly, these tools should be interlinked and integrated across every market in which the business operates.

Our whitepaper will help you to assess whether your travel technology meets the needs of your organisation through 10 questions.