Is there a 'silver bullet' one size fits all OBT solution?

White Papers 28 Sep 2015

Is there a 'silver bullet' one size fits all OBT solution?

Implementing an Online Booking Tool (OBT) is just one way companies can streamline travel bookings, improve compliance and secure the best value from their travel budget. However, the decision to use an OBT – and in particular, which OBT – needs to be based on a number of critical factors.
So is it possible to have a one size fits all solution for all your markets worldwide? The answer is, it depends.
For some companies it makes sense to adopt a single OBT platform across their entire regional or global network, while others need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of adopting a ‘best in market’ OBT tool for each region or country.
Other important considerations include:
  • your potential return on investment for OBT implementation;
  • overall travel spend;
  • travel program policies;
  • number of regular travellers;
  • anticipated traveller adoption rates based on travel patterns and travel supplier content online.
With so many factors involved it is essential to seek the assistance of a professional business travel management company experienced in OBT use and deployment. By getting to know your company’s
operations and culture, a dedicated TMC can offer the right advice for your business.

What it means for your organisation

The decision to implement a ‘best in market’ or a single global or regional OBT solution, will impact on travellers, overall travel management and suppliers in a number of different ways.

"Our FCm global account manager and her team were heavily involved in the switch to the new OBT and worked hand-in-hand with the outgoing TMC to ensure a smooth roll out to all markets".

Client Cap Gemini commenting on regional OBT implementation.


Making the OBT process easy for travellers means providing the best options and suitable local and global content.
Best in Market OBT
  • Offers the local language.
  • Benefits from access to local content for rail, car hire, hotels and local Low Cost Carriers (LCC) for airfares.
  • Personal credit cards are in local currency and merchant fees are lower.
Single OBT Solution
  • Single solution uses English as default language.
  • Offers GDS fares which can lack the competitiveness of local content.

Travel Management

The efficiency of a company’s overall travel management can be enhanced by an OBT’s compatibility and functionality.
Best in Market OBT
  • BRIC markets have developed their own best in market.
  • Simple in-country approval process.
  • When crosscountry approval is required, the process can be complicated by countries using different OBT’s.
  • Travel policy restrictions need to be set up for each country OBT.
  • Individual supplier management required for each OBT tool.
  • Opportunity to select an OBT which complements an expense package e.g. Concur
Single Global/Regional OBT Solution
  • Global OBT’s where present are not as extensive in all local markets.
  • Straightforward cross-country approval process
  • One tool for all travellers, including the Super Approver at a global level.
  • Simple single policy restrictions and easy supplier management.


The efficiency of a company’s overall travel management can be enhanced by an OBT’s compatibility and functionality. The team at FCm Travel Solutions provide professional advice and highly customised business travel management services to companies right around the globe. Our experienced account managers can work with you to find the most efficient OBT model for your company.